Energy consulting

As natural resources become increasingly scarce and their prices rise, saving energy is a major concern today. We support you in increasing your energy efficiency by providing individual consultation tailored to your particular situation, taking into account both economic and ecological aspects. Our services range from stocktaking to preliminary planning and cover, among other things, the topics of storage, generation, saving, provision, use, consumption, conversion and recovery of energy.

Optimization of work processes

Costs incurred within the company are an important factor to ensure competitiveness and profit and thus also the successful future of the company. The targeted use of software for the efficient design of work processes is of great importance in this context. We help you to streamline and optimize various processes in your company through software support. We always look for the simplest solution and respond individually to your specific situation and requirements.

Load profile measurement

The load profile measurement is a necessary first step towards optimized load management and efficient energy control. In order to develop the optimal solution for your problem, together with you, your consumption behaviour must first be analysed in more detail. For this purpose we measure the current flow at your grid connection point bidirectionally. Measurements are taken every second and the data is logged in our database. The data can then be evaluated and applied with our ZEUS GABI Tool.