Optimized maintenance management and documentation

Machine data, operating materials, spare and wearing parts requirements, safety checklists, control documentation: every day, a lot of information is generated in every plant which must be quickly available and documented. Certain data must be documented, e.g. to obtain warranty claims, others are needed to optimise costs.

plantware supports you in this task. You can easily and securely record and manage all data and document it according to individual criteria. Your advantage: You gain a detailed (cost) overview and can optimally plan your personnel and maintenance assignments. The system reminds you of important appointments and automatically documents their completion for your records!

As a plant manager, plantware effectively supports you in your practical day-to-day business with tasks such as deadline monitoring, resource planning and documentation of the work. You have an overview of machine life cycles and cost developments at any time, independent of the accounting – according to your own criteria! The program has a modular structure. Therefore, the desired modules can be individually combined to meet your specific requirements.

Thanks to plantware’s high level of user-friendliness, even beginners can quickly become productive. A manual is not required!

Target costs/budget

Using the submenu of the master data, you specify a budget for the next year for individual plant parts, groups, or the entire asset. You can enter target values that differ monthly.

All actual costs entered during the year are now displayed graphically against the budgeted costs. This allows you to immediately see whether you are within your budget for the entire plant or for parts of it, right down to the individual machine, or where your budget has been exceeded.

Document work

This is the mask in which you work daily.

Here you have all master data and historic data of the selected machine at hand and know immediately when which maintenance and repair measures were carried out, what they cost or which spare parts (at what cost) were used. This helps you in phone calls with the supplier! (… whose telephone number is in the header).

Here you can also make new entries or view individual measures in detail. You can print out important information with a simple click of the mouse.

After selecting a plant section, you will receive a tabular overview of all cost items – divided into repair, maintenance, total, internal work, external work, operating material and spare parts costs.

Depending on the selection of the cost item, you will receive a list of all individual data records that led to this total. You can also choose whether you want to see all data records, the data records of the current year, or the data records whose processing is not yet complete (open orders).

The documentation of maintenance or repairs is carried out in one mask. In addition to this, you can save the consumption of operating fluids, the need for spare parts, and the employees or contractors assigned to maintenance/repairs.

Document work: Maintenance

The system monitors all entered maintenance dates. They can now simply be printed out using the “Print” button and given to the person responsible for completion. The completed work is acknowledged by clicking on the “hook button” and is thus automatically documented. However, the documentation can be corrected manually.

Future maintenance work can be displayed separately as a list in the “Evaluations” module.

Plantware distinguishes three types of maintenance reminders:

  1. Calendar maintenance:
    Maintenance work with a date reference is stored for the respective plant part.
  2. Maintenance dependent on operating hours:
    The reminder of due maintenance dates is based on the operating hours of the machine. The current status can be transmitted manually via an inspection list or automatically via the ICE of the plant.
  3. Event-based maintenance:
    These are checklists that are used when a certain event has occurred – e.g. a revision.

Document work: damage reports, order management, repairs

The module “Damage report” works like an order management system. From each workstation, damage or things to be done later can be recorded via a small notification program. This program aggregates all messages in a “Damage report overview” and processes them from there. The notification passes through various processing statuses (notification, order, completed, closed) and finally serves to document the entire process.

Within the framework of order management, personnel capacities for maintenance and repairs can be planned according to existing capacities and compiled in work plans.

The holiday and work planning module is intended to make these two areas, which are essential for system operation, clearer and more pragmatic through visualisation.

The function “Work planning” is intended to clearly display planned maintenance and repair work.

The basis for this are the:

  1. Holiday planning, which informs you how much capacity each department has,
  2. Repair planning, which is done in the “Damage report” module,
  3. Maintenance planning, which results automatically from the assignment of maintenance intervals to system parts.

To avoid accumulations, the monthly overview displays the planned work together with the free capacities. In this way you can see at a glance where appointments are piling up.

Now you can view the upcoming work in detail by clicking on the day in question (there are various filter options available to narrow down your search), and by dragging individual appointments to another day. In this way, you can relax the day in question and create a more even workload. The planned maintenance intervals are postponed accordingly.

Personnel planning/ holiday planning

In the function “Holiday planning” you plan not only the holiday of all employees, but also various other absences (sick leave, flex time, further education…). You can thus view all factors that limit the working time on one single graphical interface. This way you can use a clear representation for future and present working situations.

All important personnel administration information is available at a glance (attendance and absence times, vacation days (debit/actual), remaining vacation, vacation overlaps, overtime balance, etc.)

If you need information about work capacities for work planning, you can switch to holiday planning at the click of a mouse and are fully informed.

You can zoom into different periods of time. Together with the “Work scheduling” function this provides you with a powerful tool for visualisation and control in this area.

Warehouse management

Plantware offers you a complete warehouse management system including:

  • automatic generation of a spare part list per machine,
  • Minimum stock monitoring
  • Supplier management,
  • Storage order system with labelling of the stored parts,
  • Serial letter function for price requests for specific parts from specific suppliers,
  • Automated ordering from selected suppliers
  • ready-made price inquiry and order forms with individual text modules,
  • Stock taking,
  • ready-made reports with extensive filter settings,
  • Export of all data to Excel for individual further processing.

Data maintenance is maximally simplified. For example, incoming orders are automatically added to the stock and the use of spare parts is automatically documented for the machines.


In this mask you generate all evaluations of the plantware program with the exception of warehouse and personnel management.

You can select suitable filter combinations for each evaluation. The possible/sensible filters are indicated by a yellow check mark as soon as you click on the intended evaluation on the right-hand side.

The reports on the right side are explained by the title. From a large selection of pre-defined reports, only those are shown that are useful for the application purpose, so as not to overload the user.