The VIEW module is the central control station for large plant complexes. It allows large amounts of data to be clearly structured and very easily combined and monitored.

VIEW uses the traffic light function for this. According to the thresholds that can be set for each value, a leading dot display is coloured in red, yellow or green. The higher-level hierarchy adopts the most urgent color. If, for example, an analysis threshold value is exceeded, not only the value in question is highlighted in red, but also the superordinate “Analyses” item, the plant in question and the topmost “Overview” item. This allows the current status of each plant to be clearly displayed with a single dot or “traffic light”.

In the multi-function view, not only a map-based location overview is displayed, but also additional information about the individual plants, e.g. the visualisation, web cam images or a plant flow chart.

The integrated communication module enables messages to be sent directly and easily to employees via SMS or e-mail.

The history function allows the graphic display of individual values from the beginning of the recording until today. The displayed period can be adjusted via a slider. This allows you to see, for example, how often a certain alarm occurred during the selected period.

Multifunktionsansicht von Daten verschiedenener Anlagen auf dem PC
Multifunktionsansicht von Daten verschiedenener Anlagen auf dem PC
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