ZEUS Fleet Charging Management

Would you like to charge your e-vehicle fleet primarily with inexpensive, home-generated electricity or increase the attractiveness of your site for employees at a reasonable price? If you do, use the ZEUS fleet charging management system.

The Fleet Charging Management module complements the ZEUS SmartBox Balance and organizes the fully automatic charging of your electric car fleet primarily with the electricity you produce yourself. The vehicles are continuously dynamically prioritised according to the individual parameters of the drivers and charged accordingly. If the amount of self-produced electricity is not sufficient to reach the desired charge level (target SOC) for a vehicle by the desired time, the necessary grid power is automatically added. At the same time, the module monitors your load peaks and thus helps decreasing your electricity bill.

The communication takes place via a web app, which can be used within your company network via PC, tablet or smartphone. You can use the app to obtain information about the success of the charge control system at any time, in the form of summaries and graphic representations. The following graphic shows a typical charging process in the overall and single view (13 charging boxes controlled in parallel)

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