GABI-live! enables the central, simultaneous online display of different, remote visualisations and/or current data trends in one or more charts.

Visualisations and charts from different plants can be combined as desired and then saved. If required, they can be called up again by mouse click.

The parallel integration of webcams is possible, as is the integration of normal websites.

This new capability and display mode is made possible by the “Multi-View Mode” from Keitlinghaus. Every single element or window of the compilation can be individually resized by the user.

Beispielhafte Darstellung des Multi-View-Modus auf dem PC
Beispielhafte Darstellung des Multi-View-Modus auf dem PC

For example, a visualisation overview can be compiled on one page with the display of Visu subpages and the course of the performance curve as well as information about the filling level of the solid dosage unit.

The data on display is always current!

In this way, the operator always keeps an eye on the most important operating states of his decentralized systems. GABI-live! is therefore a useful addition to the ZEUS modules View, GABI or Alert.