ZEUS ERP / Enterprise Resource Planning


The CONTRACT module manages the contracts of all customers and structures their contents.

Any number of contracts can be stored per customer. The billing conditions are created in such a way that they can later be used automatically as a basis for billing.

Contract management

  • Filing of any contracts as PDF
  • Basis for automatic invoicing
  • Transfer of any contract conditions through freely configurable fields
  • Validity of contracts for customer groups, substance groups or individually
  • Mapping of commission relationships
  • Definition of start time, duration, extension, delivery areas, units of measurement, fermentation product treatment, termination options
  • Terms of payment for invoicing
  • Linking of layout templates for invoicing
  • Storage of individual, user-defined requirements for goods, transport and shredder billing, such as TS-dependent regulations, price adjustments or reference prices.
  • Storage of delivery schedules, payment plans or other schedules
  • Customised calculation profiles for automatic determination of the correct price.
  • Comprehensive reporting – including a forward-looking inventory report, which is based on the contracts and their conditions and agreements beyond the stock quantities
  • In principle, every individually agreed upon contract can be mapped with any parameters or reference prices so that it can be invoiced automatically at a later date


The FAKTURA module is the inventory management module of the ZEUS programme group. All services entered centrally or decentrally (inbound, outbound or services) can be billed centrally.

Either the stored standard conditions are used or existing conditions from the CONTRACT module.


  • Invoicing of goods traffic, transport services and chopping services on the basis of the same delivery note or weighing slip
  • An assistant leads through the billing
  • Assignment of different contracts possible
  • manual follow-up of automatically created invoices/credit notes
  • Adding free billing items for other goods or services
  • Selection of different invoice layouts
  • Outgoing invoice book
  • Extensive statistics and report functions


The FORECAST module creates a stock range estimate based on existing stock quantities and closed contracts.

The levels “stock range”, “contract coverage” and “contract coverage including optional extension” are shown separately.

This enables the operator to recognize the need for action at an early stage and to react accordingly.


The module STOFFSTROM manages all incoming and outgoing material flows including the associated storage facilities, as well as the feeding of the input materials into the biological process.

In addition to receipts and dispatches, the warehouse management also allows sales of input materials, stock transfers, silage loss or shrinkage postings. Various stock reports provide information about stock levels or movements on one or all managed plants.

The fermentation residue management keeps a fermentation residue account for each supplier on the basis of his input quantities and allocates corresponding output quantities for each output period. The powerful reporting module provides comprehensive reports on all relevant issues. Master data and reports can be flexibly adapted to the customer’s requirements.

Master data for organizations/persons

  • Several employees/functions per organization
  • Several contact details per employee
  • several addresses (standard, attachment, invoice)
  • Assignment of several bank details, agricultural land, vehicles or contracts
  • Additional information (flat-rate operation, tax no., etc.)
  • Configuration of any fields for additional information

Warehouse management

  • for input, output and other goods
  • external or internal warehouse
  • several substances per warehouse possible
  • Distance, capacity, address, geoposition
  • Various warehouse actions (for example, consumption, correction or transfer postings between internal or external warehouses)
  • Inventory and stock reports
  • Extensive reporting (standard / individual)

Master data for goods, products and other

  • Input, Output, Waste, Other, Services
  • 4 groupings for different purposes
  • Gas equivalent data, target gas yield,
  • Categorisation into “manure” or Nawaro
  • other custom info
  • Management of agricultural land, vehicles, keycards, radio handheld transmitters, dosing units and laboratories

Work processes

  • manual or automatic detection of a “substance flow” via the connected truck scale.
  • allocation of 4 different addresses, impact, vehicle, warehouse, free information etc.
  • Support of sampling for analysis
  • Assignment of any analysis parameters/profiles
  • Assignment of information for external billing
  • Extensive fermentation product management
  • Automatic proposal for fermentation product distribution
  • Accounts for raw, solid and liquid fermentation products
  • Graphic support for the fermentation product disposition. Distribution and account assignment over several campaigns.
  • Transfer of fermentation product claim postings to other customers or campaigns
  • Extensive collection statistics
  • Extensive warehouse management for fermentation products

Process consumptions (e.g. feeding)

  • Manual or automatic recording (via TARA module) of stock dispatches via any number of storage bunkers (feeding)
  • individual consideration of storage losses
  • Data alignment with modules for process control

Extensive reporting in all areas

  • solid reports
  • personal, user-defined reports
  • customisable Excel exports


  • Individual, storable layout
  • Configuration of individual additional fields
  • Administration of any number of clients
  • Client-server solution based on MS-SQL-DB
  • Installation of the components in the cloud or on individual hardware

Datenbank – Synchronisation

  • Data synchronization between any number of plant sites not connected through the database and the management site(s).