ZEUS Home automatically matches the supply of energy produced in-house with energy consumption and actively controls the load profile. All consumers (electricity, heat, cold, compressed air, electric car) can be taken into account. The module consists of the actual control system and the visualisation and can be configured individually.

The control system measures the load profile of individual consumers and automatically realizes their existing load shifting potential by means of appropriate switch-on and switch-off.

It gives priority to the inexpensive and fluctuating energy supply (sun, wind) and (if available) actively regulates an additional CHP “into the gap” between supply and consumption, or charges the surplus electricity into an electric car.

The module can be extended with additional features, such as connection of a weather station, control of sun blinds, light switches, opening of doors or garage doors or integration of cameras. The visualisation can be called up from any browser – from a PC as well as from a tablet or a smartphone. Like this, the user has an overview of the entire house and can change settings of the controlling unit or override them in manual mode.

When an electric charging station is connected, the charging process of the electric car can be monitored or influenced via the visualisation. Depending on the settings, the charging process is controlled so that only self-produced electricity is used. This saves electricity costs!

Due to the consistent use of web technology, no logic and thus no specification is required on the operating devices (PC, smartphone, etc.)! The visualisation can be used by several participants in parallel. The integrated user administration provides the necessary security.

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