Personal Energy Usage, Load Management


Anyone who installs a charging box at their home can recharge their electric car conveniently and cheaply overnight or during rest periods during the day. Another advantage is the possibility to produce required energy at home and use it to charge your own electric car. With an intelligent charge control system that supports energy and load management, the current output of your personal solar power system can be measured and the charging power can be adjusted accordingly. In this way the car can be driven with 100% real renewable energy. This is not only very inexpensive, but also enables completely emission-free driving.

Private individuals or entrepreneurs with several e-vehicles can benefit from intelligent fleet load management. Appropriate software enables the fully automatic charging of a fleet of electric vehicles primarily with self-produced energy. The vehicles can be dynamically prioritised according to the individual parameters of the drivers and charged accordingly. If the personal energy supply is insufficient to charge a vehicle, the control system automatically adds the required amount of power from the grid. Such an approach saves energy and avoids expensive grid power as far as possible.

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