Virtual Power Plants and Telecontrol Technology


A virtual power plant is a network of various decentralized units in the power grid that are coordinated centrally. Part of such a system can be, for example, electricity producers such as photovoltaics, hydroelectric power plants, wind power or biogas plants. The aim of the alliance is always to jointly market the electric energy and flexibility from the entirety of the aggregated plants. Due to quick adaptability to the amount of electricity available in the grid, virtual power plants with their bundled capacity can optimally follow the electricity price and offer their energy in a particularly efficient way. Through the additional deployment of telecontrol technology, the virtual power plant can be easily monitored and controlled even from a distance.

To date, we have already supported more than 1,300 connections to virtual power plants, including CHP connections to around 16 large virtual power plants and over 120 municipal utilities.

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