Commerce / Industry


Companies from the manufacturing and industrial sectors cannot only reduce costs with integrated energy and load management systems, but also generate additional revenues. The energy efficiency potentials are particularly high in many commercial application areas, so that cost savings can effectively counteract the expected energy price development. Such an approach does not only provide a competitive advantage, but also makes a major contribution to the success of the energy revolution.

Load management systems allow the optimisation of the company’s own electricity procurement through a flexible and automatic control of the various electricity consumers. In addition, the company’s own power generation, e.g. through solar power systems, can also be integrated into the control system. Additional profits can be achieved by giving preference to the cheaper, self-generated energy during consumption, and feeding it into the public grid in the event of oversupply. Costs can be further minimized by using heat, cold, compressed air or electric storage systems. E-vehicle fleets can also be integrated advantageously into the energy management system by means of appropriate software.

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