Municipal Works


Public utilities and energy supply companies have great responsibility as basic public utilities suppliers. A particular challenge in implementation is to reconcile the three E’s – energy efficiency, energy saving, and the use of renewable energies.

To ensure the fulfilment of climate policy goals at the municipal level, the energy-related development of the neighbourhood plays an important role. Through the use of renewable energies and the coupling of electricity and heat, building complexes or even entire districts can be supplied with energy in a sustainable and efficient manner. The development and implementation of solutions for an entire neighbourhood not only promotes environmental protection, but also generates new revenue streams for the public utility companies. In addition, there is the opportunity to involve municipal companies as energy experts.

To ensure lasting success, a holistic view of the neighbourhood is necessary. Energetic, architectural, structural and social factors must be taken into account. Based on the individual prerequisites and requirements of the neighbourhood, which must first be identified by means of a careful energy demand analysis, a wide range of topics can be integrated into the concept. The core is often a jointly operated heating system. In order to increase the energy saving potential, such a system should be supplemented by innovative technologies such as photovoltaics, e-mobility, intelligent energy control and load management systems.

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