Energy and Building Control Systems


There is great potential in an optimized control of the personal energy usage. By intelligently controlling the various electricity consumers with load shifting potential in the household, the proportion of personal energy usage and energy efficiency can be increased to up to 90% – with correspondingly high savings of energy procurement costs.

Various consumers with load shifting potential such as heat, cold, compressed air or electric cars can be integrated into an intelligent energy management system and controlled automatically. The more electric devices and machines are integrated into the system in the spirit of the “Smart Home”, the higher the potential for cost savings.

It is important that the consumers are managed in such a way that they take as much of the personally produced electricity as possible at all times, as otherwise the electricity will be fed into the grid, where it will receive only a small remuneration. However, this is not possible without at least one consumer with a variable power usage (e.g. an e-car). With this approach not only high electricity costs can be saved, but also the climate protected. The customer can easily track his energy usage via a web app or smartphone and manually intervene in the control system at any time.

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