Fermentation / Biogas


Biogas is a renewable energy source, alongside wind, solar and water energy, which can make an essential contribution to savings in fossil fuels. Unlike solar and wind energy, biogas is not subject to weather-related fluctuations. It is always available and can be stored, making it particularly suitable for the compensation of bottlenecks. The high metane content also makes biogas a very energy-rich fuel. A further advantage is that after the fermentation of the biomass, the remaining fermentation residue can be spread on fields for fertilisation.

Software-based support of commercial and technical work processes as well as administrative and documentation tasks can significantly increase the efficiency and effectiveness of a biogas plant and reduce costs. Telecontrol technology and programmable logic controllers enable a targeted, (partially) automated operation and monitoring of the plant, even from a distance. In addition, the integration of several plant locations to a virtual power plant is an interesting option. Such a network provides electrical energy reliably and can thus independently replace the output of large power plants.

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