Photovoltaics, Energy Storage


Germany is increasingly bidding farewell to the fossil-nuclear energy age. Photovoltaics (PV) will play a central role in a sustainable energy future. Due to constantly rising electricity prices and decreasing costs for photovoltaic modules, owning a solar power system is more profitable than ever before. Solar energy is available free of charge and in practically unlimited quantities, while traditional energy producers such as oil and coal are slowly running out. With your own solar power system, you do not only contribution greatly to the reduction of CO2 emissions, you also benefit financially on a very personal level. Personal solar power can be fed into the public grid in return for a feed-in tariff. Even better, however, is it to use the energy yourself by means of an intelligent energy control system, thus avoiding expensive grid electricity as far as possible.

A solar power system in combination with a power storage unit is specifically advantageous when there is relevant energy usage during the night time that cannot be shifted to day time. It is important to have comprehensive consultation and planning before the actual installation, as there are different possibilities for coupling photovoltaic and energy storage systems, depending on the individual requirements. The costs for energy storage systems have fallen continuously in recent times, while the possible application areas have increased.

Through an installed charging station, your personal electric vehicle can also be charged with the self-produced solar power. This is particularly cost-effective and environmentally friendly. In addition, the electric car can be used as a storage for excess solar power.

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